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Edible Adventure in Hvalfjörður

1-9pm, every Friday
includes lots of food sampling, visits to 2 farms, dinner and drinks

Get to know the pristine landscape where Icelandic food is grown. Come meet the farmers and animals of Hvalfjörður, eat their pure and natural delicacies and learn how to cook them for yourself. Two farms will welcome us onto their land to see their sites, tell us their stories and share their food. The first farm has grown a reputation for the best beef in Iceland taunting people from Reykjavik to drive forty minutes out of town just to sample their delicacies. From there we will go on a scenic hike where we will learn about and harvest naturally growing herbs for our dinner. The second farm will host us for an evening of delicious fun where we will learn how to prepare Icelandic lamb with the herbs we will have found.


This tour includes plenty of samples of food and a hearty dinner with drinks. You shouldn't be hungry for at least 24 hours afterwards (well....)! You will also get to take home some of the delights from the farms and have the opportunity to buy directly from the farms if you so chose. This trip will make your friends jealous for not having joined you.


The tour leaves by bus at 1pm and returns no later than 9:30pm. Hotel pick up can be requested and will start at 12:30pm. The cost for this tour is 24,900isk ($215) per person and runs every Friday in the summer.


Please inquire about dietary restrictions.

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