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Drumroll please as the Reykjavik Grapevine rolls out the carpet for its fancy new food and farm tours. Our all new gastronomic adventures were inspired and conceived by Grapevine's photographer Julia Staples. After living in Iceland for a number of years and enjoying the many culinary pleasures offered in Iceland, Julia decided it was time to recreate the idea of Icelandic food, taking it out of its sour and putrefied gutter and celebrating the amazing delights offered up in Iceland outside of the month of February.  


Iceland's food is unique on a myriad of levels. Iceland is probably the only country where your food doesn't have to fly across the world to get to your plate, chances are it is more organic than the food labeled "organic" in your home grocery store, the water and air used to grow the food are almost as pure as Antarctica, and there is a good chance you know the farmer who grew your food. You may be wondering what Iceland has to offer in terms of food since only 1% of its land is fertile, however, sheep love it here. They get to run free in the mountains every summer, eating and sunning themselves as they please. Iceland also has clean geothermal heat and electricity supporting the myriad of greenhouse farms throughout the country. It's a wonder why Iceland still has to import food at all.  


Grapevine's new Food and Farm Tours provide locals and foreigners alike the chance to go out into the country-side and experience food directly on the farms that it comes from. Many of the tours offer the chance to learn how to cook or harvest an Icelandic specialty and every tour promises gastronomic pleasures from beginning to end. They aim to be educational and fun at the same time and mostly they are a chance for people to get to know where their food comes from while enjoying it. Our tours were created by people who love food, for people who love food.


We look forward to seeing you out on the farm!

Julia Staples, Tour Operator

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